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As part of our contined pursuit of excellence to the service we offer both to our guests and to our owners, we have added this page.

Some of our guests tend to want a little more than just sunshine and relaxation; they would like the opportunity to get to know our area a little better, whether it is; on foot, by bicycle, mountain or road bike, through photography or painting.

We would like individuals or groups that will be interested in offering something to our guests, to contact us enabling our guests to learn or improve their skills or knowledge whilst staying in our beautiful area of Lake Vinuela.

The possibilities are numerous, a few we have requests for are; walking and hiking, mountain and road bike route leaders, trail bike tours, quad biking, landscape painting, photography, sailing, windsurfing, fishing and bird watching.

Obviously due to the very nature of our business, it is seasonal, but of course some of the more energetic pastimes are conducted outside of the main summer holiday periods.

We are looking for anyone that has a skill or knowledge that they can pass on in an interesting and informative way to contact us by completing the form below, giving us their background and skill levels. We are not looking for 'experts' just people that can engage with others in a friendly informative way.

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