Banos De vilo

Banos De vilo

The waters of Banos de Vilo, in the municipality of Periana, have been known for centuries for their properties in the treatment of skin diseases. In fact between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the spa was considered one of the most important in Andalusia, to the point that in 1892 its medicinal mineral waters were declared.

There is a program that includes Banos de Vilo and among its objectives, is to promote the integral use of medicinal mineral water springs of Andalusia as a natural resource and promote the recovery of ancient spas, to help the growth of rural tourism. The municipality of Periana is negotiating with the Ministry of Innovation of Andalusia, to protect the source of the medicinal mineral waters and to reopen facilities and spa. The water flow of Banos de Vilo is about 20 litres per second.

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