Alhambra Palace Granada

Alhambra Palace Granada

A trip to southern Spain should not be without a visit to this fantastic place. Recently given the official accolade of the eighth wonder of the world it was built by a bloody and threatened dynasty of Muslim Spain. Its highly sophisticated decoration is not just random but full of hidden meaning. We always suggest to guests visiting during the summer to book your tickets on-line in advance, to avoid the inevitable queues,it also allows you to choose your own times, as upon entry to the Alhambra you will have been assigned a time slot for the Palace Nazaries.

If you fail to enter during this half hour time slot you will be denied entry to this stunning complex. It therefore makes sense to enter the Alhambra well before your assigned time, we recommend that you book on-line before you come in the summer months. You can then visit other sections of the Alhambra beforehand. Logically it is best to visit first the Alcazaba then the Palace of Carlos V (with museums) before the Palace Nazaries. Then you can walk along the North wall towards the Generalife (gardens). To visit everything at a leisurely pace will require at least 3 hours.

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